About Us

Sentencing Options Specialists, Inc. (SOS) was formed in 1998 to satisfy a need for an interim tool between a “hand-slap” and incarceration. A need was identified in both juvenile and adult detention centers for a tool that allowed offenders to be monitored without filling up beds needed for more serious offenders. Additionally, it relieved the budgetary concerns for cities and counties by saving the daily costs of incarceration including exorbitant medical costs incurred by inmates.

SOS was the first company in western Arkansas to offer this solution. It is a private company that addresses the needs in the private adult sector as well as the juvenile agencies all over Arkansas. It is a local company that works directly with the state-wide agencies.

SOS works with the Sheriffs in Arkansas to assist with the tremendous overcrowding problems in their jails. SOS provides to many courts an additional alternative before ordering incarceration. SOS works with juvenile probation officers and detention centers over the state in an effort to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the cost for the juvenile system.

The equipment utilized by SOS is “state of the art.” As new technologies emerge, the equipment is immediately updated. Whether basic house arrest is needed or the more intensive GPS tracking is needed, SOS can supply all of it. SOS will continue to have eyes and ears open for new technologies to provide Arkansas with the highest quality, latest available equipment.